Shaved Ice Supplies


Guide to Buying an Ice Machine


There are many ice machines in the market and you will not miss an option that will be right for your restaurant, hotel or bar. You will come across a variety of ice machines in the market. Determining the right ones to purchase for your business can end up being a challenging affair. Ice machines are quite expensive investments. Thus, to determine the right machine to buy, it is important to research well. It is important to consider both your short-term and long-term needs when evaluating different ice machines. Here are some tips to follow when evaluating different ice machines to purchase.


Where Will the Machine Be Put?

One of the things you should consider is where you will put the ice machine. Employees or customers should easily reach the location of the ice machine. The last thing you want is people running around just to get ice. Make sure the location where you will be putting the machine is near drainage holes, electricity supply and water supply.


Amount of Ice You Need

It is also important to know how much ice will be needed on a daily basis. The amount of ice that will be required can be quite challenging to determine. This is because the amount of ice that will be needed in a particular day may be different from that of the next day. On days like the weekends, more ice is likely to be required. The warm months also experience a higher demand for ice. Sit down with your team and break down the typical amount of ice that will be required each month. If you are new in the business, you may want to consult with other businesses to find out how much ice they typically require.


Your business will require more energy to make ice than store it during busy days. Thus, you have to consider the impact of the syrup for snow cones machine on your energy bills. To keep your energy bills low, get an ice machine with a larger bin. Such a machine will allow you to store ice for the days when demand is high. Purchasing small ice machines is another option you have. With two machines, you can turn one off when there is low demand for ice.


Generally, you will be better off buying two ice machines instead of one large one. This is important as it will help you to keep your costs down especially if you have no idea how much ice will be required over the months.


Reviews of the Ice Machines

Given that there are different machines in the market, you should research to know what to expect from them. Find out about the features that the shaved ice supplies have.